Chris Craft Perfects their Prestige Pleasurecraft – Sydney Boat Show 2011

Chris Craft revamps their existing range of prestige boats for 2010/2011 models.

In a time where many boat manufacturers are pulling back, Chris Craft have excelled in their challenge to improve on perfection.

All the things we have come to associate with the iconic Chris Craft are still there. In fact, it’s what they’ve added, not taken away, that is causing a massive wave of excitement among fans.

Due to popular demand, the custom metallic silver paint only ever seen on the Limited Edition Silver Bullet, is now being offered throughout their range of pleasurecraft, to provide the style and luxury associated with this 20 footer.

In addition, the entire range of Chris Crafts have been completely revamped to offer more luxury, comfort, space and practicality.

The new coloured fiberglass is a creamy buttermilk that matches seamlessly with the creamy textured upholstery. The hand made French stitching is set off by the everpresent stainless steel and there is more teak abound in the cockpit and foredeck.

The extended swim platform provides for an extra area for lazing about and eating prawns whilst dipping feet into the water on a hot summer day in Sydney Harbour.

The hull is the same size although Chris Craft has skillfilly built into the cockpit and taken away the refreshment centres to make the boat seat an extra 2 people comfortably.

In addition to the extra teak, creamy hulls and more stainless steel, Chris Craft is pleased to offer the custom silver metallic paint seen up until now on the Limited Edition Silver Bullet, which was in response to a worldwide request to see this colour offered throughout the range.

The first motorboat ever built in the world, in 1874, a Chris Craft has been the choice of Hollywood heroes including Katharine Hepburn, Dean Martin and Elvis Presley. And closer to home, we’ve seen Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe cruising on the 28 Corsair, which is the epitome of Chris Craft and Sydney Harbour pleasure boating.

The name Chris Craft conjures up images of the world’s finest pleasurecraft and is renowned as your James Bond Boat. The boats have appeared in Hollywood blockbusters including Mission Impossible III, Fools Gold, The Proposal and On Golden Pond.