Clipper Motor Yachts riding high after Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2010

Clipper Yachts Australia is riding high following the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

“We exceeded our best expectations,” said Managing Director Brett Thurley. “We now have at least six months’ work ahead of us finalising client orders and commitments.”

Mr Thurley said Clipper had been able to exhibit three new models in its four-boat display at the show.

“The Cordova 48 was clearly the hit of the display,” he said. “This show was its official world release and the level of interest was great. We also showed our new Cordova 52 Series II and the Heritage 36 for the first time.”

He said the success of the exhibit came down to a number of elements.

“The quality of workmanship from the factory is now world class,” he said. “We also had strong support from our interstate agents,” he said. “I was very proud of our display.

“Clipper also committed to the market, building and releasing three new models during the global downturn. We will release another three models through 2011.

The show success comes on top of a year in which the new company has sold 12 boats across the entire range of Heritage and Cordova models.

“We are now positioned for real growth and I am excited about the prospects for the Sydney Boat Show starting in late July,” said Mr Thurley. “We will display four boats at that show, too.”