Cobalt Looks Astern

For the past two model years, Cobalt Boats has placed particular emphasis on design aft. Aft, as in multiposition, multifunction expanses of upholstered comfort in the cockpit’s sternward square-footage. Aft, as in big, accessible storage sites around the transom walkthru. Aft, as in entertainment media focused on waterborne athletes in our Water Sports Series (WSS) boats. Aft, as in repeated innovation on and around the swim platform.

Now comes the introduction of a proprietary new covering for the platform, that hub of good- time activity recently made even more enjoyable with the arrival of Cobalt’s immediately acclaimed swim step. We call it “Sof-Trac.” It’s an appliqué that means more comfort, more safety, more convenience on the swim platform.

Available on the 276 and all models shorter, Sof-Trac arrives in two colors, sand and summit gray, an elegant black border accenting both. With Sof-Trac, wakeboards stay put, little feet stay slip-free, and the entire platform surface stays comfortable.

About that swim step: it’s essentially effortless in its deployment – flip in, flip out – and in its use – thanks to a design that will make water sports safer, a design that will occasion even more memorable enjoyment at anchor, creating a strong, safe base of operations for fun in and out and the water. A patent is pending on this Cobalt design, such is its innovation in helping swimmers, skiers, boarders . . . and pets . . . effortlessly out of the water. The United States Patent Office does not give its blessing lightly. To qualify for a patent, a design must be so markedly new and distinctive, so advanced in its use and functionality that it deserves protection from copycats. The swim step will give Cobalt families, their swimmers especially, a new and easier way to enjoy their boats, perfect bow to steady stern.

Known for almost fifty years for the manufacture of the premier bowriders on the market, Cobalt recently introduced the 243, a cuddy that effectively eliminates what have long been generic limitations on cabin design.