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the magnificent shortfin mako – a new perspective

The spectacularly beautiful shortfin mako shark is among the fastest fish in the world and is revered as one of the most exciting and most challenging of all gamefish. This species is now the subject of a wide range of studies as these sharks have recently become increasingly important to fisheries managers.


kiwi swordfish on the rise

Terry Williams-King describes how New Zealand’s anglers have found spectacular success on swordfish by adopting daytime deep-drop techniques recently refined off Florida. These Kiwi results show the way for their Australian neighbors to prospect similarly productive grounds on their side of the Tasman.


creatures of the deep

Pennella parasite

This worm-like, blood-sucking parasite is actually a copepod that attaches to billfish for life.


classic tomes

Fish Stories – Alleged and Experienced

Early offshore gamefishing at the famed Tuna Club of Avalon.


cape verde and the blue mindello moon

The Cape Verde islands are gaining a reputation as one of the world’s best hotspots for big blue marlin.


a gamefishing year on the NSW south coast

Part 1: Autumn

Tap into world-class gamefishing all year round with local knowledge.


deep purple

Dr Julian Pepperell delves into the blue of bluewater and the amazing colour adapatations evolved by many of the oceans inhabitants.


big fish – small boats

Expand your boundaries

Discover how to work with the variables to maximise your success in the next hot bite.


lure lore

Part 15: The eyes have it!

Jim Rizzuto uncovers a lot of great arguments for and against the use of various ‘eyes’ on lures.


smoke and mirrors

Hollowpoint ‘Buddha’

The way it catches fish, you might consider this hefty lure the fat, smiling Buddha of good fortune.





carolina style redefined?

Hatteras GT54

Warren Steptoe explains how Hatteras has evolved the Carolina style in a slightly new direction with the recent release of the spectacularly good GT series.


the next level – sonar for advanced gamefish hunting

Once the sole domain of commercial trawlers, Bill Boyce details how the different types of scanning sonar can dramatically improve your fish-finding capabilities.





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