Crossing coastal bars safely

Crossing the bar safely

NSW Maritime boating safety officers will be out in force on the weekend of 21-22 February targeting boating safety and checking to make sure that skippers are qualified to navigate the bar crossings on the Macleay River and Korogoro Creek areas.

North Coast regional manager James Green John Rowe said that boats of all sizes and types would be subject to safety checks.

“We expect to see a lot of vessels in the area as warm currents at this time of the year bring pelagic fish such as marlin and sailfish further south and closer to the coast,” Mr Green said.

“Boating safety officers will be checking to make sure vessels crossing the bar on the Macleay River and Korogoro Creek areas have all the correct safety gear such as flares and lifejackets.

“Remember, if you or your passengers are crossing a bar, you must wear a lifejacket – if you’re not wearing a lifejacket on a bar crossing, you’re liable for a $200 fine.
“Bar crossings can be dangerous in all weather conditions and we want to make sure that you and your passengers take appropriate safety precautions when proceeding or coming back from the sea and enjoy a great day’s fishing and boating on the North Coast.”