CRS Yachts attends Fairline Asia Pacific Conference and wins Platinum Sales Award

CRS Yachts, an exclusive importer and distributor of UK Fairline Motor Yachts in Australia, attended the inaugural Business Conference for regional dealers of Fairline Boats Asia on Monday 8 November 2010 at One15 Marina Club in Singapore. The event was attended by 16 dealers representing each country in the region and was led by Fairline Boats Asia President Bryan Jones.
Since Fairline opened a dedicated regional office in late 2008, the company has seen substantial and continuing growth in both the number of dealers appointed and the volume of retail sales achieved. The first ever Asia Business Conference allowed the company to share the latest news on product development, sales and marketing and hold on open forum discussion.
Mr Jones also presented a Platinum Sales Award to CRS Yachts, as they achieved the highest amount of sales showing they are leading the way in the Asia Pacific region with Fairline WA coming in second.
CRS Yachts Sales and Marketing Director Mark Chapman said: “It is a great testament to the Fairline brand and our dedicated sales team that have made this possible. We’re looking forward to expanding the CRS Yachts business further in Australia and are proud to have Fairline as part of our offering. Attending the business conference gave us (dealers) the perfect opportunity to share ideas and discuss sales techniques used in different regions, in addition to how we’ll work as a team to drive growth and market share.”
Mr Jones commented: “Understanding the region is paramount to success and having a regional office in Singapore has certainly assisted us to work more closely with dealers in Australasia. This region has grown quickly in a short amount of time and I owe this to the dedication, support and enthusiasm of every dealer within the region, who are all benefiting from being part of the Fairline brand and the robust economies throughout Australasia.”
Fairline Boats Asia was established to support Fairline’s growing interests in the luxury boat sales market throughout the region. The Singapore office has allowed Fairline to respond to enquiries more quickly in addition to expanding the dealer network and being able to spend more time directly with dealers and customers throughout Australasia.