D Fender offers affordable vessel protection

Marine Solutions’ robust D Fender ‘marina pen cushioning’ system provides the ultimate protection for boats moored in marinas.

Manufactured from closed cell PE foam (renowned for its high impact qualities) and highly-resilient, non-marking, UV-stabilised materials, the D Fender system is the most cost-effective way to protect your vessel from accidents and the elements.

D Fender won’t deflate with heavy impact as you manoeuvre your boat in and out of its marina pen, which ensures greater vessel protection and a stress-free experience for owners. D Fender is also mildew and rot resistant, preventing the need for constant replacement.

Available in 1.2m and 1.7m lengths, the D Fender system can be fitted vertically to marina pylons and jetty poles or horizontally along marina whalers, to provide protection from hard and damaging surfaces.

Easy to install and not requiring any modifications to the marina itself, the D Fender system simply needs to be screwed over the existing gunwale rubber. Designed to fit all types of marinas, the system can even be easily relocated and reinstalled – so D Fender is as portable as you are.

In addition to protecting your vessel, the D Fender system also improves the overall aesthetics of marina berths, providing a clean and uniform line of delineation. RRP is $139 (1.2m length) and $197 (1.7m length).

Call Marine Solutions on (03) 9670 3305 to discuss the specific size requirements of your marina pen, or simply order your D Fender system via Marine Solutions’ online store at www.marinesolutions.com.au