Deckhardware delivers innovations

On stand number 18 at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, Deckhardware will be presenting several new products this year.
The Drainman (Länsman) is a fully automatic bilge pump, powered by the tug on the moorings created when the boat moves with the wind and waves. The Drainman’s capacity is enormous; powered entirely by the movement of the mooring line, it can pump up to 2,500L of water per day (550 UK gallons or 660 US gallons per day). 

Then there is the new range of Sanol absorption products. Sanol AB produces leakage control absorption materials with unique qualities: environmentally friendly, light-weight and with an absorption capacity considerably higher than traditional materials.

Another new line is TBS non slip coverings, which offer excellent non-slip performance; long lasting design and a wide range of colours; resistance, shockproof safety and life span; a range of uses; easy laying allowing quick treatment of a slippery surface and easy maintenance.

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