DeckHardware introduce Unimer Marine in a national launch at Sanctuary Cove


DeckHardware is introducing Unimer Marine to the Australian market in a national launch at Sanctuary Cove.

Unimer Marine offers a comprehensive collection of mooring compensators and related accessories for leisure boats. The manufacturer uses polymer rubber technology to offer a range of mooring products.

The Unimer Mooring compensator has an integrated and efficient locking mechanism. The internal elements in the black polyamid material stop chafed lines, which gives an easier and straighter assembling of the line and eliminates twisting of the compensator.

The compensator, a device, which removes loads on mooring lines, can be used for power and sail applications as it stops damaging snatching of the line against a boat and jetty.

In other news, DeckHardware is now distributing JDC Electronic SA to the Australian market. JDC is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of sport instruments.

The JDC range includes the Skywatch series 1-4, Eole 1, Meteos 1 and Geos. The patented transmission system uses magnetic transmission for speedometers. The Skywatch xplorer 4 is suitable for competitive sailors, windsurfers and kite surfers and features windspeed, maximum windspeed, temperature measuring range (-40C deg to 80C deg).

Other features include calculation of windchill factor, electronic compass in degrees, absolute pressure from 300 to 1100hPA Relative pressure with calibration, altitude and weather forecast.  Exhibitor DeckHardware is a family-run business.