Delphia Yachts around the world project update

Thomasz Cichoki, 55, skippering the Delphia 40, “Polish Copper”, passed the 5050 nautical mile mark, (Approx 9345klm) since departing Brest, France, on 1-07-2011. His location, on 18-08-2011 was 22.57 degrees south, 23-57 degrees west, near the centre of the South Atlantic roughly on a line east of Rio de Janeiro. His progress has been slow for the previous 6 days, with calm seas and little wind, testing Tom and struggling to acheive 60 miles per day. He has now changed course to the south east,heading towards the tip of South africa and the Cape of Good Hope. With little wind, the charge from the wind generator was negligable, so he quickly moved into battery conservation mode. He had had some problems with the mainsail batten caps splitting, but has successfully modified them. Otherwise, he says, the boat has been performing beautifully and he has had no other problems with it. 

Hopefully he will find fairer winds and improved speed on his run towards and around the bottom of Africa. His progress can be monitered, if you google (giving translation to english) ” ” and updates and a google earth map showing his location and past route is available.

The Delphia 40 yachts are built in Poland, to a high standard of design and construction and have a Ce “A” class rating, for bluewater or offshore sailing, and whilst this is not the first Delphia 40 to have crossed oceans by any means, this non stop voyage is a gruelling challenge for both man and boat, and I am watching with great interest.  I will be doing regular updates on Tomasz’s progress.

Regards, Allan McDermott, Townsville Slipways Boatsales