Desert Edge Boat Racks Make Boating and Camping Easy

Desert Edge Trailers have added Boat Racks to their range of soft floor and hard floor aluminium camper trailers.

The Desert Edge range includes eight side fold or rear fold models, each are available with a choice of two boat rack designs constructed of durable, lightweight aluminium tube.

Oasis and Safari models are available with a rack constructed of 60mm round aluminium tube, while Breeze, Breeze Deluxe and Discovery Deluxe models are available with a 40mm square aluminium tube rack.

It’s easy to find a boat to fit a Desert Edge Boat Rack as they are rated to carry a maximum of 90kg and will accommodate a beam of up to 1750mm.

To aid in loading and unloading, each Desert Edge Boat Rack is coated with a durable trailer skid material, which also protects the boat from damage during transport and loading.

Desert Edge Boat Racks can be easily installed, simply insert the rack into the slide-in bracket mounted to the aluminium trailer body and then secure it in place with the locking bolt.

To complete the package, an Outboard Bracket is also available to safely transport your bold-on engine and maximise storage in your vehicle or camper.

Mounted on the trailer drawbar, the Outboard Bracket is protected by the stone guard and is able to carry an engine weighing up to 55kg.

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