Designer Stainless offer unique boat designs for an absolute steel

Brisbane-based metal fabricator Designer Stainless has been ‘steeling’ the limelight in the boating industry after being recognised for outstanding stainless steel workmanship.

Renowned for designing unique, custom fabricated boat fixtures from stainless steel, Designer Stainless products are currently manufactured in Wacol Queensland at the same facility as Australia’s largest and most awarded fibreglass trailer boat manufacturers The Haines Group.

For nearly two decades the owner of Designer stainless, Paul Williams, has specialised in custom fabricating stainless steel products. Paul now works on and in the business at Wacol with his team of fabricators.

“I started my apprenticeship in 1986, where I became a sheet metal tradesman specialising in stainless steel products for Capilano Engineering,” Mr Williams said.

“After this time, I became involved in fabricating steel products for several companies, including food processing equipment, hand railing and balustrade, and umbrella frames around the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne’s Fox Studios, and components for Mack Trucks,” he said.

Even while in the marine industry Designer Stainless has also been producing Stainless Steel work for the architectural and automotive industries, whereby he was able to add a perfect finish to the applications, complimenting the car manufacturer or architects design. 

After an initial encounter with the Haines Group in 1992, Mr Williams formed a partnership with the company in March 2007. “There was no question when choosing to form a relationship with the Haines Group,” he said. 

“The marine industry has allowed me the opportunity to be more creative when designing boat components. I utilise the lines that already exist on that object, then simply form an extension from that which is not only practical to use but pleasing to the eye,” he said.

While cheaper options may exist, Mr Williams said, it’s important to remember the use of stainless steel is both functional and decorative and cheaper options can often let the owner down, ruin the lines of the boat, car or building and even be unsafe.

In response to the demand from the industry for specialised steel fabricators and customised products, Mr Williams and his team, true Australian craftsmen are providing customers with state of the art stainless steel products in Marine, Architecture and the Automotive industry.