Destined for South Aus two new 53 Enclosed Flybridges are put to the test

Riviera has just completed two new 53 Enclosed Flybridges, the first to be built with new engine configurations.

Destined for Adelaide, these new 53 Enclosed Flybridges will be put to the test when they cross Bass Strait on their journey home. 

Sporting the traditional hallmarks of Riviera’s innovative design and styling, 53/14, Destiny, owned by Kevin Mullins features three Cummins QSC 600hp Zeus drives while 53/15, Prime Time, owned by Rod Rebbeck has two large Volvo IPS 900 engines and pod drives.

R Marine South Australia dealer principal Paul Harrop said both of these boats were the first to be built with new engine options.

“The delivery trip to Adelaide from the Gold Coast is 1500 nautical miles so it will give the new 53s a good test,” he said.

“It’s a treacherous and challenging trip through Bass Strait so it really tests the boats out and both owners who have owned previous Rivieras and have the confidence in their new boats to do the trip.

“Kevin chose Zeus drives because he wanted a faster boat and he liked the Cummins Zeus package, while Rod chose twin IPS because he wanted fuel efficiency and only wanted two engines.

“They are both absolutely over the moon with the performance of them.”

Riviera 53/15 owner Rod Rebbeck said this was his fourth Riviera and he looked forward to her maiden voyage, some 664 nautical miles from the Gold Coast to Hamilton Island, before taking her home to Adelaide, making it a total voyage of more than 2800 nautical miles.

“I think the layout of the new 53 is fabulous, particularly the master cabin and the aft galley because it suits what I want to do on board, which is fishing and cruising,” he said.

“We fish for tuna but the galley at the back is great for alfresco entertaining.

“I have the first 53 with the bigger Volvo IPS 900 engines and drives, which I think will make the engine room more accessible and fuel economy will be better, (with a top speed of 30 knots and cruise speed of 24 knots).”

Rod said the 53 had far exceeded his expectations.

He named his boat Prime Time because when he is on board it is his ‘prime time’.

“I am going to spend a week on board giving her a shakedown voyage around the Gold Coast before heading up to Hamilton Island and Lady Musgrave Island for about a month.

“I always say to people that we have always had complete confidence in our Riviera boats, I have done a lot of miles in my previous Rivieras (43, 47 and 51) and crossed Bass Strait a few times, and we never felt like the boat would let us down, I have always had confidence in my Riviera.”

For Kevin Mullins, this will be his sixth Riviera and he still has a 61 Enclosed Flybridge in Port Douglas.

“I had a 51 for the past five years and it has been a good boat, but I wanted to upgrade to the new 53 because I was impressed with the newer style of drives and their ease of use,” he said.

“I like to have a little bit of speed, not that I use it but it’s nice to have if the weather changes or you need to get home quickly, and I am sure the triple Zeus drives will deliver (with a top speed of 32 knots and cruise speed of 28 knots).

“I will be driving the boat home to Adelaide myself but I do have a skipper in Port Douglas so I will take him along on the journey too. 

“I have done the trip through Bass Strait a couple of times in the past and it’s just a matter of looking at the weather opportunities for a few days and go for it.

“The 53 is a big leap forward in design and technology with the full beam master cabin, aft galley and nice big flybridge, it’s got a lot of great features.

“I have been a big fan of Riviera for the past 10 years and they have always produced great boats and it’s nice to see the company out of Receivership and going strongly forward.”

Paul said Riviera’s newest models were proving popular.

“This financial year, we have sold five new Riviera boats and our inquiry rate for people wanting to be a part of the Riviera family is huge,” he said.

“The technology of the pod drives, fuel efficiency and the room that they create as in the full beam master cabin, as well as the finish and fit out is putting Riviera’s newest models ahead in leaps and bounds.”