Dont relax slip slop slap habit in the holidays

With summer holidays on the doorstep, Cancer Council Australia encourages everyone to remain vigilant about sun protection. 

Holidays can mean more time is spent outdoors: at the beach, on bike rides, bush walking or having picnics and barbecues. The new Cancer Council Australia SPF 50+ products give those who love being outdoors more choice when it comes to sunscreen protection.

“Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world,” said Chair of Cancer Council Australia’s Skin Cancer Committee, Terry Slevin. “Melanoma is the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in Australia. Sunscreen in isolation is not sufficient protection so clothing, hats, sunglasses and using shade all remain just as important, in combination with sunscreen.

“Wearing SPF 50+ does not mean you’re wearing a suit of armour. SPF 50+ sunscreens offer marginally better UVB protection compared with SPF 30+,” he said. “No one should be concerned there is anything wrong with their SPF 30+ sunscreen and there’s no need to throw it away.

“You must still apply SPF 50+ sunscreens as liberally and frequently as SPF 30+. All sunscreens come off through towelling and perspiration, so reapply every two hours.”

The new range of Cancer Council SPF 50+ sunscreen includes Sport, Sensitive and Active, as well as fragrance and paraben-free Kids sunscreen.

All royalties received from the sale of Cancer Council’s sun protection merchandise help fund cancer research, education, information and patient support services. 

A comprehensive range of sun protection products is available from Cancer Council shops and many leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide. For more information about the product range  call 1300 363 433 or visit