Dufour to debut premier new cruising yachts in Melbourne

Dufour debuts high-end cruising yachts
Antill Marine will introduce two Dufour models at the 2009 Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle
Show – the Grand Large 425 and 525, both to be displayed for the first time in Victoria.
According to Antill Marine (the exclusive importer and distributor of Dufour) director Jason Antill, these
models feature a higher level of finish and performance than people might be used to in typical
production yachts.
“The Dufour Grand Large 425 retails at around $420,000 and the 525 is ‘a million dollar boat’ in both
price and quality,” Mr Antill said.
“Both are new, award-winning vessels and there’s a real emphasis on sailing ability in their design.”
Designed for the long-distance cruising market, the 425 was awarded the 2008 Imported Sail Cruising
Yacht Over 10m at the Australian Marine Awards – praised for its strength, comfort, easy handling and
speed. There’s an abundance of stowage and its internal finish on fixtures and furnishings is very high
quality, characterised by solid timber and enough hatches, ports and ventilators to create an airy,
spacious ambience.
The Dufour 525 has just received the award for Best Full Size Cruiser by the highly-respected US
magazine, Cruising World. Positioned as 52’ of luxury bluewater cruiser, this model is the flagship of the
Dufour range. Italian styling and French yacht building expertise come together to deliver an amazing
vessel, boasting incredibly uncluttered, flat deck space, maximum onboard storage and uncompromising
sailing performance.
“The main market for the Dufour 525 is discerning people who plan to do extended cruising, whether
that’s short term around the Whitsundays in winter or a six month live-aboard cruise,” Mr Antill said.
“They’re geared more towards the ‘passage making’ market… coastal and bluewater cruising… people
who want to go somewhere.”
An additional attraction for purchasers of either model is a 12-month maintenance program which
includes engine servicing and anti-fouling at no additional cost.
The 2009 Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Show will be held at Docklands’ NewQuay and
Waterfront City precincts, 30 January to 1 February.