Ensign Sydney Profile

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Name: Andy Howden

Company: Ensign Brokers Sydney, Bavaria Sports Boats Australia

Job Title: Director

(1) How, where and when did the Marine industry find you or Why did you choose a career in the marine Industry.

Started  racing and working on out boards as a mechanic after school in the USA while there studying in high school. Then went on to Marine Engineering once I returned home to Australia. My brother is also a Naval architect so it runs in the family.

(2) What is your current role and what do you actually do? or What does your average work day involve ?

My current role is varied. From running the sales team in Sydney and working closely with the other 4 Ensign offices and staff in The Gold Coast, Mooloolahbah, Gladestone and Manly( Brisbane) I often work in the front line as a broker connecting buyers criteria to the best value  vessel for their needs & act as  the importer for  Bavaria Sports Range Australia wide.

(3) What is your favourite part of the job?

Getting out on the Water!

(4) As a broker/dealer how can you best help people that are new to boating?

By giving them informed experienced guidance as to what boat will best suit their needs.

(5) What industry groups or networks are you a part of?

BIA, Marine Brokers Association Member and Marine Brokers Committee Member.

(6) If you have competed in a marine related sport what are some of your achievements?

Years of Tournament Game fishing (Skippering and crewing  winning multiple central zone tournaments & Australian records),  Jet ski racing, Yacht racing,  just started in a 16ft Skiff and hope to be racing competitively soon.

(7) Tell us about some of the boats/yachts you have owned (First boat?)

Tinnie with a 15 HP Outboard we rented a waterfront in Church point, Pittwater and used to go to work in it.

(8) What is your current boat or Yacht ? multiple?

Bavaria 31 Sport, Haines 455F, 16ft Open Tinnie, 16 ft skiff and a SPX Seadoo. They all have their Ideal days.

(9) If you could have any boat, what would it be?

Long Range Passage Maker with the time to use it!

(10) Favourite boat or Yacht of all time.

Indies Trader IV

(11) Where is the best place to go boating in Australia ?

Sydney Harbour from Jan to May

(12) What is the best coastal cruise/expedition/race you have ever taken part in?

Sailing from St. Martin to Tobago, Inside passage Vancouver to Alaska or Sydney to Gold coast on a surfing, fishing and sightseeing  trip pulling into back beaches and anchorages along the way. Hard to say! I think the best is always the next one.  Sumatra Next Sept.

(13) Any amusing incidents/anecdotes you have seen on the water?

Airlie Beach and  Hamilton Island Race Week or the Interclub Tournament at Port Stephens are full of them every year. And no doubt our industry is full of characters! I’d rather  take the  route not to incriminate anyone by actual events….  & go with  the classic King Gee commercial ‘Don’t back chat me fella, I know boats!’