ET’s Guide’s Guide to Fishing

ET’s Guide’s Guide to Fishing

Former NRL star, media personality and executive producer of the popular Escape with ET television show, Andrew ‘ET’ Ettingshausen has released a new book just in time for Christmas.

ET’s Guide’s Guide to Fishing reveals the secrets of Australia’s premier fishing guides – many of whom ET has fished with over the years in producing over 200 episodes of Escape with ET.

In this 280-page, full-colour, hard-cover book, ET and the guides provide hints and tips on what equipment to use, what times you’re most likely to hook-up to different species, as well as the best baits, lures and techniques to target them.

Whether bait fishing for kingfish in Sydney Harbour, fly fishing a quiet Tasmanian stream for trout, casting lures in the Northern Territory’s billabongs for barramundi, trolling off Western Australia’s coast for billfish or sight-fishing from a north Queensland beach, ET’s Guide’s Guide to Fishing shares all the hard-earned knowledge and experience of Australia’s best professional fishing guides in an easy-to-read and highly-informative book.

Illustrated with spectacular colour photographs and packed with tips, stories and information, this book is essential reading for every angler – a perfect gift idea this Christmas.

Priced at around $40, ET’s Guide’s Guide to Fishing is available from all good bookstores.

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