FinScan Launches practical Power Distribution and Automation

FinScan are excited to release the latest development to the expanding range of IntelliCORE components on offer.

The DC – PDU – 16 is a 16 output power distribution module, that allows networked DC power distribution and automation, from the one module.

With most distributed power systems, achieving power distribution and automation from the one system, comes at a high cost. As more power modules with small numbers of outputs per module are needed. Automation tasks such as lifting tender garage hatches,
opening sunroofs, operating wiper speeds and trim tabs etc are momentary tasks that operate for a short time only, yet take up dedicated power distribution outputs on regular systems.

The FinScan IntelliCORE DC – PDU – 16 module provides a cost effective method of not only distributing power, but provides a large number of outputs that can be used for power distribution or automation tasks. During system design, power distribution and automation outputs can be evenly setup across the DC – PDU – 16 modules to provide a balanced
system that achieves more control and automation, at less cost , with less modules to install. As an added feature, the DC PDU – 16 also incorporates ground distribution for connected loads, this eliminates the need to add external ground busbars.

IntelliCORE is designed for easy installation, reducing labour and material cost, and reduces build time due to it’s unique modular structure, and IntelliBUS technology linking all the components with one power and communication cable to the touch screens.

FinScan’s touch screen switching approach with Unique graphical switching provides an intuitive easy to use interface that is customised to suit the specific boat design