First of the sensational new Elan 350 ordered arrives November

Quickly following the news of the launch of the sensational new Elan 350 – the Rob Humphreys’ bold twin rudder / twin wheel design, Australian Importer, Navsail is pleased to report the high level of enquiries and negotiations underway with the first of the 350 orders set to arrive in Australia in November.

“After seeing and sailing this boat I can absolutely understand why this client was so quick off the mark, he is keen to get his hands on this exciting model and also keen to take advantage of the 350‘s Introductory Price”, reports Rod Parry of Navsail.

Packed with sensational design and performance, the 350 is a very Special Boat – there is simply no comparison. Her slick design, magnificent broad transom and chined hull with bold twin rudders in bright orange just look so good and seduce you to hop on board.  

Elan and Humphreys have set the pace again; this radically designed short-handed format will surely take on especially where crew numbers cannot always be assured. The model looks and feels like a 40ft and has so much going for it.

Rod Parry sailed the boat at the time of her launch and reports with total gusto the boat is exhilarating to sail, the twin steering incredibly responsive while the boat glided through the water effortlessly even in just a breath of wind; adding that is due to the Humphreys design.  

The twin rudders really change the character of the boat which can be pressed hard and while riding on the chine you can feel the response from the rudder which is almost vertical into the water.  The 350 tracks like its on rails and so you could certainly carry full sails longer. Going to windward the boat is a dream and designed to deliver real sea-going capability and exceptional performance for a boat in this class.

Relatively lighter for her length than the successful 310 baby sister, the sail area to wetted surface ratio of the 350 is also greater. This provides sparkling speed to achieve great results and excel downwind due to the design of the hull and powerful broad transom.  The maneuverability of the boat under motor was excellent, positive and precise especially in reverse.

The model clearly translates as an outstanding performance cruising yacht as well with impressively eye pleasing mix of smart spacious design with an outstanding fine level of finish and comfort, all with good head height. The powerful aft quarters of the boat result in both lavish cockpit space and unrivalled cruising accommodation that would be the envy of many larger cruising yachts.

The Elan 350 is designed in three formats; a high performance club race boat, the ultimate cruiser racer of an exciting performance cruising yacht.

You could not ask for more in a true Cruiser Racer. Sailors can be confident this boat will do what it says it will – and what they want.