Flyer 6, New concept with cutting-edge design


BENETEAU reveal the lines of their new concept for the FLYER range.

Created in 1980, the Flyer range has never stopped evolving and has earned a top-rank place in the outboard-engined powerboat market.

Today it is reasserting itself with an ultra-innovative design inspired by automobile identifier codes, and the first model, the FLYER 6, will be presented at the next Paris Boat Show.

The design of the new-concept FLYER is demonstrated above all by its strong identity Beneteau turned to STYLE&DESIGN, the design agency and creative design studio.

A major French player in industrial design, STYLE&DESIGN works alongside its industrial clients in the innovation, creation and production of new products.

From this collaboration comes a modern, innovative boat with an uncluttered design. With a 6.10m hull, it offers a combination of technology and hitherto unseen attention to detail.

Immediately recognizable, the bow takes on automobile identifier codes: grilles, perceived quality, coherence of style. It will come to be the hallmark for a seriously different style of the various models in the range.

With its specifically designed fairing, the hull has been devised to give power, stability and safety.

At the forefront of technology, it has a new generation Air Step hull, suited to this size of boat and brings adaptability and comfort when under way.

Flexible, this new concept brings an answer to every dayboat sailing dream.

With this approach, it comes in a variety of forms with three deck versions, each with its own graphic environment, in which the living spaces have been maximised in order to optimize on-board comfort and offer new benefits.