Force Boats are very proud to announce that the FORCE F21 HELLRAZOR Team are the … 2008 SYDNEY BRIDGE TO BRIDGE OUTRIGHT WINNERS  and following close behind in 2nd place outright…………the FORCE F21 BLAZEN Team.
Congratulations to the F21 HELLRAZOR team……Mark Cranny behind the wheel, Damien Matthews observing the athlete’s out the back, that included the super combination of Paul Robertson and Peter Procter.
Congratulations also to the F21 BLAZEN Team….Noel Griffin behind the wheel, Bernie Simpson observing the athlete’s out the back, and another super combination of Grant Turner and Chris Stout.
Other winning performances on the day included ……
1st    Under 16 Boys   – F21 Sparken                (Congratulations to Craig, Murray, Ben and Jack)
1st    Under 16 Girls  –  F1 Prima Donna           (Congratulations to Nick, Wendy, Kelsey and Adelaide)
3rd   Under 16 Girls  –  F19x Ultimate Force     (Congratulations to Clinton, Greg, Tayla and Tayla)
1st    Under 19 Girls  –  F19x Tuff e Nuff          (Congratulations to Brent, Andrew, Ashley and Sophie)
1st    Under 10 Boys  –  F18 Paradise Afloat      (Congratulations to David, Darren, Bradley and Luke)
2nd   SMOC              –  F19x Stalker Evinrude  (Congratulations to Brad,Shaun, Kane and John)
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About Force Boats

Force Boats was born in 1995. Our passion is boats, and it’s this passion that goes into every boat manufactured at the Force Workshop.

Our range includes the F18, the F21 and F23. Soon to follow will be the F19x and on the drawing board, the F34.

Experience on the racing circuit has meant that Force Boats have been rigorously tested in all possible conditions. A definite advantage for peace of mind when out on the water.

Here at Force we offer a very personalised service. Please contact us to find out more on our high manufacturing standards. Or take a moment to read more below…

The advantages of buying a Force boat!

*You can speak to the manufacturer.
*100% Hand Laid Construction – Using vinyl esther resin and composite laminates.
*Vacuum Bag Construction.
*Guaranteed Structural Strength – The composite construction of Force Boats is extensively tested in extreme race conditions. There are a total of five (5) stringers used in a Force Hull. All of which are full length, glue laminated stringers, encapsulated in fibreglass.
*Put together and joined the right way – Our F18, F21 and F23 vessels are joined together by glue and glass, on the entire inside edge of the join, both inside and out, from the Transom to the nose of the boat. Our transoms are hand finished in Gel Coat, not merely glued with a cover strip. This makes the boat a “mono construction” thus making it stiff and strong.
*Your interior will not rot – All Force interior, front buckets and rear lounges, are all hand laid, glass shells with plastic bases and backings with stainless steel stapling. No timber is used in the seating = NO ROT.
*Unbeatable quality of parts – We use fully anodised aluminium or polished stainless steel, we choose not to use powder coating, cast or raw aluminium parts, which are weak and tend to corrode easily. We use Rex Marine products imported from the United States.
*Regular email updates on your boats progress.
*Customised to suit your budget.
*Customised to suit your personal taste.
*Custom Trailers designed to suit your storage space.
*Force Boats are a uniquely hand made product by craftsmen with passion.
*Australian owned, designed and manufactured.

We guarantee your Force Boat will have unbeatable structural strength combined with the finest finish.