Formosa Marine is always changing to meet customer needs

Formosa Marine is now offering a broader range of aluminium plate boats with the introduction of the new ‘Barra’ range of boats designed for calmer waters and expanding the Classic Mk3 range with two new smaller sizes.

Formosa Marine, an Australian owned and operated business since 1998, is determined to last through tough times and, to co-owners Ross Stevens and Duncan Blakley, this means expanding their business and developing new boats to meet customer needs.

“We have added to our range to suit more customers. We’re offering more affordable boats with the release of our smaller Classic Mk3 models, plus we’ve introduced two new models – the ‘Barra’ designed for calmer waters and the Formosa Territory” says Duncan.

JD’s Boatshed will proudly display the new Formosa Barra at the Sydney International Boat Show. They’ll have on display up to six boats including the new sizes, the 430 Classic MK3 Side Console and 455 Classic Mk3 Centre Console.

The Formosa Barra is brand new for those Australians who a passionate for Barra and Bass fishing. Built for calmer waters, yet able to handle all boating conditions and be easily towed along off-road tracks.

The Formosa Barra is a great fresh and salt water boat ideally suited for Barra and Bass lure fishing, particularly catch and release fishing. A raised casting deck with large storage bins, battery tray for an electric motor, as well as room for an optional forward mounted live well makes this a very user friendly craft.

The Formosa Marlin illustration on the side of the boat has been replaced with a Barra to add a point of difference out on the water, especially for our Barra and Bass fishermen.

Formosa Marine, has always been the affordable option in aluminium plate boats. Even more so now with the release of two smaller boats to their large range.

The 430 and 455 Classic Mk3 are available as a centre console and side console. These two boats are built tough to withstand offshore adventures yet fantastic for the estuaries.

Visit the Formosa website for all the models available and specifications: