Frequently Asked Questions – Sell Boats Online

Included below are some of the most frequently asked questions received by the Yacht and Boat team.

If you have a query not covered here please EMAIL US 

How do I create a Yacht and Boat account?

Click on the blue box under the red search box on the Home Page.  Enter your details carefully, read and accept the Terms and Conditions of site usage, and click Continue.  If you have any problems please call us on 02 9057 8039 or
EMAIL US and we will be happy to set up your account for you.

How do I update or edit my boat listings?

1) Log in to your account  (CONTACT US if you have forgotten your User Name or Password or are having trouble accessing your Account.)

2) Select the listing you want to edit by clicking Edit (either images or text)

3) This will take you to another screen where you can make any changes

4) Please don’t forget to press SUBMIT at the bottom once you’ve finished (you only need to press it once) 

5) Your listing will then be resubmitted to the approval queue and your amended listing will be sent live within 24 hours (usually much quicker though!)

How do I retrieve my log in and password details?

Click on PASSWORD REMINDER at the Member Login Tab.  Enter your registered email address and click on SUBMIT.  Your password will be automatically emailed to you.

If you have forgotten both your Password and Username please EMAIL US and we will contact you directly

Why is my boat listing is not appearing?

If your listing is not appearing in your MY ACCOUNT page when you log in you may not have selected the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the listing.  Please resubmit your listing, ensure you press the SUBMIT button when finished.  If you listing is appearing in MY ACCOUNT but not on the live site this is because it is pending approval from the Yacht and Boat site administrator.  We approve (or reject) all listings within 24 hours.  Should you require express approval please EMAIL US with EXPRESS APPROVAL REQUEST in the Subject of your email along with your User Name.

Can you help me write my Ad?

Yes!  There are lots of great tips on creating an Ad that works on our Help Me Write My Ad page.