Recipes – Fresh Coral Trout – Cooking Your Catch – Fish Recipe

On the game fishing boat called GORILLA we have a favourite way of cooking CORAL TROUT on The Great Barrier Reef….It’s the easiest recipe in the world and probably one of the quickest…



Coral Trout

Sea Water

Fresh Lemon or Lime

Butter to taste (or good olive oil)

Black pepper


1. Catch or spear yourself a coral trout.

2. Fillet and clean so you just have the beautiful white flesh.

3. Go to the back of your boat and fill a large pot with seawater.

4. Place on cooktop and bring to boil – DO NOT add any salt.

5. Pop in the coral trout 

6. The water will go off the boil for a short time , BUT,  when it comes back to the boil , take the fish out , don’t over cook!

7.  Put on a large plate and add butter, black pepper and fresh lemon or lime.


It’s angels food and the perfect snack for the crew onboard to enjoy with their afternoon Margaritas.

Cheers and enjoy the fish!


Recipe by B Thomas – NSW

This is one of the Winning Recipes of the 2009 Yacht and Boat Winter Cook Off.