Fun, food and friendship at Clipper Motor Yachts Regatta

Food and friendship were the highlights when more than 50 Clipper enthusiasts came together at the Superyacht arm of Southport Yacht Club on a Friday evening in February to celebrate the beginning of the first Clipper Regatta on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Guests chatted about the coming weekend and inspected the brand new Clipper Cordova 48, a sparkling Cordova 60 and new Heritage 36. Drinks were served from the boats and a delicious Thai stir-fry was cooked right on the dock by well-known local restaurant Noodle House.

In fact, food was a major topic through the weekend.

On Saturday the flotilla of Clippers ranging from a pair of Heritage 40s to the flagship Cordova 60 headed north to Jumpinpin near the northern end of South Stradbroke Island.

“It was a lazy trip,” said John Roy aboard his Clipper 40 “Semper Fi”.

“We were on the beach by four o’clock in the afternoon, celebrated with a drink and watched the Clipper team prepare the amazing barbecue.

“I’ve never tasted a barbecue so tender,” exclaimed Bob Rigg. “I thought I knew about cooking outdoors, but this was exceptional.”

Brett Thurley from Clipper Motor Yachts Australia explains: “Our secret weapon in the beach barbies is the exceptional wagyu steaks we get from local butcher Andrew Mc Donald, I would like to say it’s due to my cooking but the truth is these hand cut bone-in wagyu rib eyes were exceptional. We will have to raise the bar again on the next Regatta to Fraser Island in June!”

Bob and Kerrie Rigg on their Clipper Heritage 40, “Jomana”, joined the Regatta on a weekend that should have turned most boating enthusiasts away.

“In fact, the team at Clipper timed the weather very well,” said Kerrie Rigg. “We got together for drinks and a light meal at Southport Yacht Club on Friday evening and the rain held off until we were all back on board our boats. The same timing happened all weekend.”

Bob Rigg was surprised to meet long-time colleague Dr Irving Korman – also a Clipper owner – who promptly joined the party.

“It was a great time for all of us and one of the major topics of conversation was the next big Clipper adventure to Hervey Bay in June,” said John Roy.

“Our owners enjoy exchanging stories and ideas,” said Brett Thurley. “We have a program for many more events, from evening parties to weekends and longer adventures over the coming year.”

Once again, everyone adjourned to their boats well before weather closed in again. The following morning, everyone waited for tide change. Marine and local radio reports had warned them of the flooding and debris in the local Coomera River.

“We live at Coomera Waters,” said Kerrie Rigg. “So it was quite an exciting voyage home through some of the houseboats and pontoons that had come adrift.”