Galley Cooking at Sea on Yachts & Boats – Food & Storage Tips


Howdy there folks!  I hope you’ve been able to get some housekeeping jobs done on the pride-and-joy during this cold weather.

In fact, housekeeping is what I want to talk about this week.

Housekeeping includes that dreary word ‘hygiene’ that you can do courses and get certificates in.  Here are some things to remember…
Hot food should be served and stored at no less than 60 degrees C.

Cold food or cooked food should be stored at 4 degrees C and served as close as possible to that temperature…except:

Fish and shellfish. These should be stored at 0 degrees C on ice. As the ice melts it keeps the temperature just above freezing. Put a drip tray underneath and put the crushed or cubed ice on top unless you want to display the items.
Fresh vegetables should be stored at 6-8 degrees C to preserve the quality. If they are greens, then to avoid wilting or drying out you can place stems in a container of water.

Root vegetables can be stored at room temperature unless pre-prepared/without skins.
Most things if stored properly, and fresh to begin with, should last about 5 days sometimes more. 

Fish and shellfish are the exception. Take great care with these and also chicken and rabbit.   The reason for this is the general level of bacterial population and infection on them.  The bacterium ‘spores’ are, literally, everywhere; especially on skin.  I’ll tell you more about these little devils later… 

Meanwhile, keep that galley spotless and sleep easy.

Now on to other matters – The Winter Cook Off!

Needless to say, I have stuffed myself witless with all the marvellous creations our dear Yacht and Boat members have sent in en masse in the form of competition recipes.

It’s been a challenge to select ‘the best’ and I’ve selected several finalist recipes for you to try yourself – don’t forget to send me your comments

View the Cook Your Catch and Onboard Entertaining pages for more information.

And the winner is : Ms N Bennett for her simple, honest and divine Fish the Easy Way


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