Garmin GMI 10 Digital Marine Instrument Display

The GMI 10 Digital Marine Instrument display adds a new dimension of flexibility for boaters who want a fully integrated marine instrument system.

Simplify Marine Instrumentation

The GMI 10 improves upon the traditional method of marine instrumentation, in which standard marine instruments have their own dedicated display. By displaying data from multiple remote sensors on one screen, the GMI 10 offers a streamlined approach to marine instrumentation.

Mariners can use the GMI 10 to display instrument data such as depth, speed through the water, water temperature, fuel flow rate, engine data, fuel level, wind direction and more, depending upon what sensors are connected. In fact, the GMI 10 supports more than 2 dozen standard NMEA 2000® and more than 20 NMEA 0183 data sentences.

Connects with the Garmin Family of Marine Sensors

Featuring a bright, 3.5” (8.89 cm) QVGA screen in a sleek 4″ (10.16 cm) flush-mount bezel, the GMI 10 serves as the hub of a family of integrated Garmin marine sensors, all connected via NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 data ports.

The GMI 10 marine instrument family consists of the GFS 10 fuel sensor, GWS 10 Wind Sensor, GRA 10 Rudder Angle Adapter, GET 10 Engine Tilt Adapter, GFL 10 Fluid Level Adapter, GBT 10 Bennett Trim Tab Adapter, GST 10 Water Speed and Temperature Adapter, NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 Intelliducers and the GPS 17x high sensitivity receiver/antenna.

With integration via NMEA 2000 ports, any of these units can be added or removed from the NMEA 2000 bus without affecting other units on the bus. For easy installation, the latest version of the GMI 10 is powered exclusively through the NMEA 2000 network. While the GMI 10 supports NMEA 0183 Transmit and Receive, installs now will require an NMEA 2000 connection for power. As a result, the GMI 10 also is not backwards compatible to existing power cable connections. These units also can connect to any Garmin Marine Network chartplotters that have a NMEA 2000 port.

The GMI 10 is recommended by Honda for use with all Honda NMEA 2000 engines. Also, it is the first display capable of showing Honda Marine’s Lean Burn technology, “ECOmo” (single or multiple engine configurations). Benefits include overall fuel savings and lower operating costs.1

Please contact your local Honda dealer for additional details and engine compatibility.

1 The GMI 10 software version 2.80 or newer will support Honda Marine’s Lean Burn technology, “ECOmo”.