Garmin Introduces Both the GPSMAP 8000 MFD and GPSMAP 8500 Black Box Series

Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series, their newest flagship series added to an already extensive line of multi-function devices. Introducing a true glass helm appearance into the boating industry, the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series boasts powerful new features and a revamped user-interface with a streamlined design that can make any helm look custom-built.

“The GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series features the ultimate in simplicity, ease-of-use, power and speed,” said Ian Edwards, National Sales Manager, Garmin Australasia. “Incorporating the look and feel of a glass helm into the marine industry, the Glass Helm series provides a beautiful centrepiece while delivering the most important features and capabilities to the user.”

Offering an 8-inch SVGA, 12-inch and 15-inch XGA multi-touch, pinch-to-zoom multi-function display, the GPSMAP 8000 MFD series boasts a lower profile than previous multi-function models. With the 12-inch and 15-inch models being 30% and 32% thinner, respectively, the 8000 MFD series can easily fit into a pre-existing space where previous MFD units were installed.

Combined with a user-interface that’s designed for efficiency, the GPSMAP 8000 MFD series proves to be essential for any helm. The refreshed interface has been streamlined to help access the most important menus and settings and provides a more intuitive and accessible experience for the user. With a user control bar docked at the bottom of the screen, information such as waypoints, autopilot and the home menu are only a finger touch away.

In addition to the release of the GPSMAP 8000 MFD series, Garmin is also proud to introduce the GPSMAP 8500 Black Box series, an elegantly efficient solution for larger vessels with more helm space. Offering a 15-inch XGA, 17-inch or 19-inch SXGA multi-touch, pinch-to-zoom monitor to use with the black box, the GPSMAP 8500 Black Box series allows for easy installation wherever the user chooses and to outfit the 2.16-inch slim monitor directly in the helm. Having an independent, detached black box allows for better system cooling, larger screen size capability and easier installation. And because the Black Box series monitors are high resolution, they can receive up to a 1080p HD resolution video.

With a fully integrated glass display, the sleek GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series brings an elegant and customised appearance by offering a new, flat-mounting option that transforms the vessel’s bridge into a glass helm. The new series can also be installed by traditional flush mounting, providing a very low profile alternative.

A valuable new feature offered on the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series is SmartMode™ station control. With SmartMode, the mariner can customise numerous preset modes based off of various activities. With the simplicity of only two button pushes, SmartMode can instantly synchronise all displays to show the most desirable screens for a particular activity. Auto-dimming and power is also synced across displays, providing the easiest, most intuitive controls ever offered in our multi-function units and allowing for a custom experience to every user.

With the ability to utilise Garmin’s high-sensitivity 10Hz GPS/GLONASS external receiver, the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series is able to update position and heading ten times per second, providing significantly smoother on-screen navigation. This industry-leading GPS receiver dramatically improves the ability to mark and navigate to a waypoint and also allows for vessel movement to be crisp and fluid on screen.

Steering with autopilot has never been easier with our new on-screen autopilot controls. With a customisation that allows the user to create a quarter- or full-screen autopilot display, the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series works in conjunction with the autopilot head unit to guide the vessel to where the user needs to go.

The perfect accessory to accompany the new Glass Helm series is the GRID™ (Garmin Remote Input Device). GRID, sold separately, is a remote device that allows for seamless navigation between an individual or multiple displays. GRID can be integrated into a captain’s chair for a low-profile controlling solution.

The GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series is scheduled to be available in June 2013. For additional information regarding the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series, visit