Gemini Inflatable Boats Have Turned Up For Work

Gemini Inflatable Boats.jpg

Gemini inflatable boats have turned up for work.

Around the world, Gemini inflatables are legendary for their willingness to perform in demanding situations. Now the Gemini range has turned up for work here in Australia, courtesy of Sirocco Marine.

Favourites amongst dive schools, rescue services and commercial operators, Gemini boats are renowned for their ability to take rough treatment, yet they’re easy enough for novice boat operators to handle. Think of them as the 4WDs of the water that can handle severe offshore conditions and carry a heavy payload.

While Gemini makes a range of boats purpose built for specific situations, the ‘Sea Nymph’ and ‘Dive’ models are the work horses of the line-up. So they’re just the goods when you need to ferry your crew or gear in harbour maintenance, dams, mining or civil engineering applications.

These rigid hull Gemini models come with marine grade plywood floors, so they can carry heavy equipment. With their proven monohull designs, Geminis are easy to manoeuvre and are ultra stable even in big swells.

Gemini build their hulls using durable ‘Pennel Orca® Hypalon’ which is a superior synthetic rubber based material with a Hypalon protective outer coating. This construction is regarded as the industry standard for inflatable tubes, so you can rest assured they’re puncture and UV resistant and are proven to last up to 15 years. Gemini is also ISO 9001 certified which is good to know when government projects require quality assurance, they even exceed the standards laid down by Lloyds.

Gemini workhorses come in a range of sizes to suit your project and offer a range of engine options to give you the optimum blend of power and economy. Then after the heavy work’s done, lightweight Gemini boats can easily be towed home or stored.

These boats will also be on display at the Sydney International Boat Show Hall 5, Stand 501A.