Generation Warriors

Energy Power Systems Australia Empowers Indigenous and Disadvantaged Communities

Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA), Australia’s specialised Caterpillar® engine dealer, has today announced a major donation as part of its corporate citizenship program. EPSA is supporting Australia’s only indigenous maritime training company, the Tribal Warrior Association, with the donation and installation of a Caterpillar® marine generator set on one of Tribal Warrior’s key vessels on Sydney Harbour.

The Tribal Warrior Association was founded to empower both disadvantaged Aboriginal and non-indigenous people through specialised maritime training programs and community mentoring for disadvantaged youth. Their popular educational cultural cruises on Sydney Harbour also provide a positive outlet for the practical application of training and continued fundraising via this vessel.

This donation is an “unbelievably important and incredible investment,” says Shane Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Tribal Warrior Association.

“Without a marine generator set, we could not have continued to stay on the water. We rely on the community for both financial and practical support. Energy Power Systems Australia have been integral in helping us to sustain our mentoring programs, because now our existing funds will be channeled into our programs for supporting disadvantaged youth, rather than into boat maintenance.”

Mr. Phillips adds that as a social non-profit enterprise, the maritime training and cultural cruises run by Tribal Warrior provide transferrable skills and discipline that help break the cycle of disadvantage.

“We are all about self-empowerment. We have a critical hierarchy on the vessel and everyone has a task, and a role, and must contribute as part of the team. They not only learn maritime skills but also other valuable personal attributes like co-operation, teamwork, direction and achievement. All these types of skills are then transferred into their own lives. They learn they can contribute and do make a difference.”

EPSA’s Martin Ditchburn, National Marine Manager, says that he was particularly inspired by the Tribal Warrior Association’s specialised maritime training programs which have successfully assisted many people with life skills and employment on working boats around Sydney Harbour.

“Tribal Warrior facilitates such a strong work ethic and incredible opportunities for disadvantaged young people, so we are delighted to assist them with a Cat® marine generator set. We’ve ensured they have the best and most reliable onboard power equipment so they can continue their extraordinary work.”

EPSA supports the mission of the Tribal Warrior Association to provide disadvantaged and undervalued Australians with positive mentoring, educational opportunities and maritime training programs. “We are proud to support the development of the marine industry and support Tribal Warrior, “adds Ditchburn.