Genoa boat show focus on marinas, superyachts, taxation, training and safety

Focus on marinas, superyachts, taxation, training and safety at the conferences of Genoa 48th International Boat Show.
The subjects proposed by UCINA for the numerous seminars and conferences organised as part of Genoa 48th International Boat Show – held at Fiera di Genova from 4th to 12th October – aim to offer an insight on several topical issues related to the pleasure boating sector: Marinas, Superyachts, Taxation, the Environment, Training, and Safety.
On Monday, 6th October, at 10.30 am in the Riviera Hall of Fieracongressi, the Show’s calendar of conferences will start with an event devoted to Marinas as a pre-requisite for the creation of a development network for the country, a conference aimed at analysing the current situation in Italy and the potential development of marinas, including its economic impact on the Italian territory as a whole. After the welcoming speeches by UCINA President, Anton Francesco Albertoni, Pasquale De Lise – President of the Council of State -, Luigi Grillo – the Chairman of the Italian Senate’s 8th Committee for Public Works -, Gerardo Mastrandrea – State Councillor, Head of the Legislation Office of the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures, Luigi Merlo – the President of Genoa Port Authority -,Francesco Di Manno – President of AINUD -, Luciano Serra – President of ASSONAT – and Roberto Perocchio – President of ASSOMARINAS will take the floor during the conference. The debate, which will be chaired by Roberto Neglia, journalist specialised in the boating sector, will also include a contribution by Mauro Cutrufo, President of the Association of the Members of Parliament – Friends of the Sea.
Superyachts and the role of Italy in the international scenario will be the core themes of a conference held on Tuesday 7th October at 10.30 am (Riviera Hall – Fieracongressi) that will deal with this topic from different standpoints: from technical and regulatory aspects to taxation and legal issues, from chartering to an analysis of the related economic aspects at an international level. The mega-yacht sector, in which Italy is the world leader in terms of number of ongoing projects and which this year has recorded a 23% increase as against last year, keeps growing in Italy and is strategic for the country’s economy because it generates significant related economic profits in the downstream sectors of nautical tourism and services. These data will be taken as a starting point for the debate, which will be introduced by UCINA Vice-President, Gaspare Borghini, and will then include speeches by Ferdinando Lolli, Liguria Coast Guard Maritime Director, Antonello Puccini, Director of the 6th Division of the Italian Ministry of Transport,Thierry Voisin, President of MYBA, Renato Azara, Director of Sardinia Yacht Services, Francesco Siccardi, from the Siccardi Bregante Legal Firm, Paolo Moretti, RINA spa Yachting Section, Lamberto Tacoli, CRN – Ferretti Group Managing Director, Palmira Petrocelli, IPSEMA General Manager, and Stefano Brigandì, UCINA Technical Department Manager.
An effective taxation system to consolidate the Italian marine industry will be the leading theme of the event scheduled for Wednesday 8th October, at 10.30 am at Fieracongressi (Riviera Hall), proposing a thorough analysis of tax-related issues, ranging from chartering to leasing and from marinas to navigation. The conference will be opened by UCINA Vice-President, Lorenzo Selva, and the Regional Director of Liguria Revenue Agency, Enrico Pardi. An analysis of issues related to yachting and taxation will then be carried out through the contributions by Luigi Magistro, Tax Assessment Central Director of the Revenue Agency, Gianluca De Candia, ASSILEA Operations Manager, Antonio Barabino, AINUD Director, Raffaele Romano, Commander of Guardia di Finanza (the Italian Tax Police) – Liguria Section, and Francesco Cimmino, Legal and Taxation Firm. The conference will be chaired by Antonello Cherchi, journalist for Il Sole 24 Ore.
The Round Table devoted to the Environment will be held at the Sea Theatre on Thursday, 9th October, at 11.30 am. UCINA’s objective is to take stock of the current situation based on the experience of the bodies managing the first Protected Marine Areas which were the first to open up to yachting, as well as to analyse any possible joint initiatives which may be lead to a framework law aiming to reform this sector. The conference will be introduced by UCINA President,Anton Francesco Albertoni, and by the General Director of the Italian Ministry for  the Environment, Aldo Cosentino. There will be speeches by Senator Antonio D’Alì, the Chairman of the Italian Senate’s Committee for the Environment, Mr Ermete Realacci, MP and member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies’ 8th Committee for the Environment, and by the Vice-President of environmental association Legambiente, Sebastiano Venneri. The round table will also benefit from contributions by the Presidents of the Protected Marine Areas that have already implemented new management regulations: Augusto Sartori from the Parco di Portofino, Franco Bonanini from the Cinque Terre protected marine area, Tore Sanna from Capo Carbonara, and Bernardino De Rubeis from Lampedusa AMP.
The conference scheduled for Friday 10th October at 10.30 am in the Riviera Hall of Fieracongressi, will be focussing on Sea Education, Training and Entrepreneurial Culture. The final objective will be to outline the features of the school curricula aiming to promote jobs at sea and make people aware of the great opportunities that such a professional choice can offer young people. After the welcoming speeches by UCINA President, Anton Francesco Albertoni, and the President of Genoa Provincial Council, Alessandro Repetto, the event will outline the main characteristics of school curricula for jobs in the sea and yachting sector, with speeches by Eugenio Massolo, President of the Italian Mercantile Marina Academy, Vittorio Garroni, University of Genoa, Carlo Podenzana, Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Paolo Colombo, ViareggioFucina, Wladimiro Iozzi, Istituto Nautico San Giorgio, Gianni Paulucci, Italian Sailing Federation. The debate moderator will be Daniela Fara, Director of the Italian Mercantile Marina Academy.
Safety at work will be the core theme of the conference held on Friday 10th October (3.00 pm – Riviera Hall, Fieracongressi) and organised by UCINA, CNA and ViareggioFucina, in cooperation with 3M. This event’s goal is to provide an update on the theme of safety in shipyards. The conference will be opened by UCINA President, Anton Francesco Albertoni, the President of CNA Produzione Nautica, Enzo Cortesi, and Pierfranco Bistrussu from 3M Italia Board of Directors; the introductory speeches will be followed by a technical report by C. Galbiati from 3M. Cristina Pozzi, Professor of Community Law in the transport sector at the Unviersity of Parma, will focus in her contribution on regulatory and legal aspects, while operational issues will be dealt with by the President of CNA Lucca, Ugo Da Prato. The conference will be chaired by Paolo Colombo, Director of ViareggioFucina.
The calendar of meetings and conferences at the Show will also include events targeted at the media and at sector professionals. On Monday 6th October at 3.30 pm the book “Nautica in cifre” (The boating sector in figures),published in cooperation with the University of Genoa, will be presented at the Press Centre  (Pavilion C). The presentation will be introduced by Prof. Enrico Musso, University of Genoa, and by UCINA President, Anton Francesco Albertoni. A technical explanation of market data will then be given by Enrico Ivaldi, University of Genoa, and Stefano Brigandì, UCINA Technical Department Manager.
On Sunday 5th October at 10.30 am in the Riviera Hall of Fieracongressi UNASCA will propose a debate on thePleasure Boating Code Regulations, while on Thursday 9th October the yearly meeting on the leasing market, organised and sponsored by Assilea, the Italian Leasing Association, will be held at 3.00 pm in the Red Hall of Fieracongressi.
The by-now traditional conference “Open mind”, organised by Yacht Design and BMW and sponsored by Fiera di Genova and UCINA, is scheduled for Wednesday 8th October, at Yacht Club Italiano.
Genoa 48th International Boat Show will be open from 4th to 12th October from 10 am to 6.30 pm. The entrance ticket costs 14 euros, and can also be purchased on line on,
Information:  tel. +39.010.53911