Getaway Concepts is showing its Reflection 28 at Sanctuary Cove

Getaway Concepts

Australian company Getaway Concepts is showing its Reflection 28, a 8.5m trailerable houseboat.

The vessel, powered by one 50hp outboard, can reach a top speed of 14 knots. Australian-designed and built, the vessel has telescopic hull beams, which are 4.0m when fully extended but can be retracted to the legal towing width of 2.5m

This vessel has customized decks, offers wheelchair access and roof access and a duckboard, which can be raised to deck level. The vessel has a wave-piercing hull with 32sqm of deck space. 

The vessel has a patent pending in Australia, New Zealand and the US. This is the first prototype with plans to produce a new model for the houseboat called Series II, which will have a one-metre longer cabin and a fishing, diving and research version of the boat called Series III range.