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Beef and Guinness Pie

Howdy folks,

Now I hope you are going to treat yourselves to some 3-D research and R&R at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, 21-24th May.

Because this time I want to talk about VALUE in cooking and ingredients.

Saving money is not just a case of looking for the cheapest price, it’s about the QUALITY for that price.

For example: does a tin of generic brand peeled plum tomatoes yield the same quantity as the brand-name tin? Or is it mostly juice and fragments?  Does that  bargain forequarter stewing lamb have a higher fat content than the meat at your local, reliable butcher?

The quality will affect the yield. It will also affect the taste and nutritional value.

You need to balance the benefits of cost and yield when assessing food. Have fun with a trip to the fruit market, fish market, supermarket or butcher and checking this all out for your recipes.  You can save money. And you can enjoy learning more about cuts of meat, their quality points, fat cover and effects of different cooking methods.

When looking at vegetables and fruit, assess the amount of trim that will be lost in preparation. Try to think of a second recipe to use up those trimmings of celery, carrots and onions such as a hearty soup.

Now that we are into the cooler weather, it’s time to think of those cheaper cuts of meat that lend themselves to slow-cooking such as stewing.

My friend who has his own yacht cooks his stews and curries at home, then does the last minute-stuff on board.

Remember to cool, refrigerate and keep cool until required next day.

This time my recipe is one for a hearty stew that can be made into a pie.

See and taste the value in good quality.

Quality sails your dollar further.

Happy bargains!


Recipe for Beef and Guinness Pies


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