Government reforms to get sailors on the water quicker

Government reforms to get sailors on the water quicker
New reforms aimed at streamlining commercial boating licence requirements have been announced by Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi and will have a major impact on individuals with Yachting Australia qualifications finding work in New South Wales.
As part of this reform the RYA/Yachting Australia Yachtmaster commercially endorsed with STCW-95  may apply to NSW Maritime to have their certificate recognised as the equivalent of a coxswain certificate.
This will allow holders of the certificate to act as the master or engineer on commercial vessels up to 12 meters in length and operating up to 15 nautical miles from the coast.
Yachting Australia Participation and Training manager Chris Kameen says that the reforms have been welcomed by the organisation and are set to streamline the licensing process.
“For a long time the industry has been concerned that there is no recognised commercial sailing qualification that can be used within Australia, that is fit for purpose,” said Kameen.
“The Commercially endorsed RYA/Yachting Australia Yachtmaster offshore is the certificate of choice for commercial yachtsmen overseas and despite gaining their qualifications here; they can only use them abroad until now. This recognition provides a clear pathway for somebody from learning to sail through to working commercially in the sailing industry in New South Wales,” he said.
The RYA/Yachting Australia Yacht Training scheme is delivered at a number of recognised Training Centres around the country details of which are available on our website. The scheme is comprised of a series of complimentary practical and shore based courses for which Course Completion certificates are awarded. You can use them to simply to increase your knowledge and confidence, or use them as a progression to the RYA/Yachting Australia Yachtmaster Certificates of Competence. All of the courses are well supported by a wide range of publications and training materials.
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