Gran Turismo – A classic range for the year 2013

Life outdoors as it is indoors

SAINT HILAIRE DE RIEZ, 20 July 2012. Because these Sport Cruisers have been studied to take full advantage of life in the open air, we have worked on improving comfort outside in these new versions for 2013.

On all the Gran Turismos, we have added an electric barbecue (on option) in the portside corner of the aft platform.

This will make improvising wonderful convivial moments with friends possible, as you enjoy a grill together at the heart of the Calanques.

In the cockpit, the addition of air-conditioning (on option) in the Gran Turismo 44 will bring down even the hottest temperatures, and make the time you spend relaxing at anchor even more pleasant.

And on all the models, to maintain a cool interior, you can now put an exterior curtain on the windscreen.

To make lazing in the sun even more pleasant, the sunbath has been improved. The back now lifts so that you can lean back against it and feel as comfortable as you would on a sun lounger.

Lastly, on the Gran Turismo 34 and 38, you now have the choice between 2 sizes of bathing platform. We have increased the size of the original version to make access to the sea easier, to optimize the manoeuvres with dinghies and create a new convivial living space. This new version is now available on option.


Revisited interiors – stylish finish

Inside, the Gran Turismo 44 and 49 have been given a complete makeover.

On the 44, the interior is now available in Alpi Walnut woodwork, in the image of the 49.

On these 2 models, top-of-the-range coatings and ceilings from Majilite are used. And in the wheelhouse, the galley and the bathrooms, a cream-colour lacquered finish (option) is offered as an alternative to lacquered white.

Throughout the range the choice of indoor and outdoor upholstery has been re-examined to be in phase current trends.

As of now a new choice of hull colour (on option) is offered, between ice white, grey blue and wine colour. All these new developments can be discovered in real life during the autumn boat shows.


Boat show presence:

GT49 Fly: Cannes – Southampton – Genoa – Annapolis – Strong Lauderdale – Barcelona

GT44: Amsterdam – Cannes – Southampton – Grand Pavois – Genoa – Annapolis – Fort Lauderdale – Sao Paulo – Barcelona

GT38: Amsterdam – Southampton – Grand Pavois – Genoa – Annapolis – Fort Lauderdale – Sao Paulo

GT34 : Grand Pavois – Annapolis – Fort Lauderdale – Sao Paulo