Gyro Stabilised Thermal Night Vision, CHIRP Sonar and New C and E Series Multifunction Displays

Raymarine launches Gyro Stabilised Thermal Night Vision, CHIRP Sonar and new c and e series multifunction displays

On show to the Australian market for the first time at Sanctuary Cove International Boat show is the newest addition to the Raymarine family of thermal night vision products for boaters, the T470SC gyro-stabilised thermal camera.

Engineered with FLIR thermal imaging technology the T470SC is equipped with a high resolution, long-range thermal imager, a colour low light visible TV camera with 10:1 optical zoom, and active gyro-stabilisation. Using internal gyroscopes that compensate for vessel movement automatically, the T470SC’s active gyro-stabilisation provides a steady image when seas are rough. Now boaters can have the best of both worlds: the power to see small objects from great distances, and smooth imagery on the open water.

The T470SC integrates seamlessly with Raymarine multifunction displays including Raymarine’s all new e-Series multifunction displays with HybridTouch™. The T470SC combined with an e-Series display gives boaters simple touch screen pan and tilt control, plus full access to all camera functions directly from the e-Series interface.

Housed in a rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure that provides continuous 360° pan and +/-90° tilt capability, theT470SC provides horizon-to-horizon thermal imaging or low light colour camera coverage. 

Also new this year, the Raymarine CP450C ClearPulse™ CHIRP sonar, a cutting edge black box fishfinder option for the all new Raymarine e-Series and c-Series line of multifunction displays, which will also be demonstrated at this year’s boat show. 

The CP450C with ClearPulse™ CHIRP technology goes beyond high definition and offers up to 10 times the resolution of traditional fishfinders. ClearPulse™ CHIRP technology sees right through dense schools of baitfish, marking individual targets while simultaneously identifying larger game fish. CP450C also works great in soft sea bed conditions where holding bottom is difficult for traditional fishfinders. The CP450C is designed to operate in depths ranging between 2 and 10,000 feet.
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