Haines Group ‘Signature’ marks new generation in fishing boat innovation


The Haines Group, one of Australia’s long-time boat builders, is launching the first boat in its New Generation Signature series this Thursday 2 August at the 2012 Sydney International Boat Show.

Almost 30 years after the Signature series boats were first unveiled; the 575RF is the first completely new boat launched since the passing of company founder and boating legend, John Haines Senior, in 2009.

The Haines Group prides itself in the ability to tailor products to individual specifications and have hit the mark this time, with a new design which meets needs of the most serious anglers through a dramatic evolution of the Signature Variable Deadrise Hull.

Commenting on the model’s design highlights, John Haines, CEO, The Haines Group, said: “We feel we have achieved the perfect combination of performance through the water under power and stability at rest, developing arguably the most stable fishing platform ever.”

“Not only does the 575RF boast the most stable platform but also the largest for its size, while still remaining comfortably within legal towing limits.”

Truly innovative, the 575RF features a full one-piece lining in construction, which strengthens the hull by up to 30%, making it one of the toughest fibreglass boats on the market.

The new design hull also delivers one of the softest rides in the category due to the fiberglass construction, while the completely integrated full Nexus Liner means keeping the deck clean is easy.

The New Generation Signature series is a fresh approach to design, manufacture and business led by John Haines, son of John Haines Senior.

Exciting times are approaching at The Haines Group as design input is sought from outside the company for the first time.

Collaboration is already underway with celebrity angler, Paul Worsteling, in the design of a range of New Generation Signature boats to be launched in the first half of 2013.

Mr Worsteling is actively working with The Haines Group to ensure the new designs adequately cater for the needs of the modern angler; a 6.5 offshore fishing boat being the first in the range.

Be one of the first to view the New Generation Signature 575RF at the 2012 Sydney International Boat Show at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre & Cockle Bay Marina

Darling Harbour in Sydney until August 6.

From the ground up the New Generation Signature 575RF is a proudly Australian creation. 


Moulded length with bowsprit 5.95m
Length: 5.70m
Beam: 2.38m
Deadrise: 21-33 degrees
Fuel: 220L
Berths: 2
Power: Outboard: (single) 115-175hp
Transom height: 25 inch
Max O/B weight: 240kg
Hull weight: 1000kg
Towing weight (incl. fuel) 1900kg
BMT length: 7.12m
BMT height: 2.25m
BMT width: 2.38m
Max people: 7/630kg
Max load (people, fuel, gear): 830kg