Haines Group to now fit Tallon Systems as standard on their boats

The Haines Group are now fitting Tallon Systems as standard on their boats.  The Haines family have been building boats in Australia for more than 50 years and over that time they have seen many innovations to boating, boat design and boat accessories.  As such the Aussie boatie can have a lot of confidence in the new Tallon system which is now fitted as standard in all Signature, Traveller and Seafarer boats.

Tallon is a New Zealand-based company that designs and manufactures a patented accessory system that offers a universal flush mounted accessory fitting called the Tallon Receiver. On its first showing, the System won a prestigious Innovation Award at the International Boat Builders Exhibition in Miami, USA.

With lots of different accessories that can be fitted in the universal receiver the Tallon System fits perfectly with Haines Group focus on innovation and quality combined with a ‘no compromise’ attitude to boat manufacturing while still delivering value for money.

All THG 2011 manufacturing year boats above 4.85 metres are now factory fitted with Tallon Receivers, which enhance the outstanding versatility of the boats through out the range.  Haines Group models will have a minimum of 2 receivers or 4 receivers (depending on boat size) which are factory fitted as standard with an option of having more receivers fitted in the boats and the ability to purchase more accessories via the Signature, Traveller and Seafarer dealer network.  This reflects the flexibility and option to choose that is demanded by todays boat buying public.

Dealerships have the option of selling a whole new range of accessories and whether you use your boat for diving, fishing, water sports or as a general family run-about, you can customize with Tallon accessories that suit your purpose.