Haines Hunter 585R Review

Haines Hunter 585R Boat Review

Reviewed: October

Author: Warren Steptoe


Few builders know how to make a boat ride like Haines Hunter.  Escape the everyday in this easy- fishing, easy-living runabout.

Main Features:

The 135HP Honda provides ample power and the vision around the wheel is excellent.

“Haines Hunter – On the run”

Haines Hunter knows how to build serious fishing boats with enough creature comforts to make them good family entertainers. This really shows in the 585R. ‘R’ is for ‘runabout’, although at 5.8m this boat is big enough to carry its foredeck high enough to provide as much headroom inside as some (so-called) cuddy cabins. Some area sheltered from the weather is important for family boating, even if it’s only a kid sized space. Opting for the portable toilet seen in our test boat is also a good idea for social boating. A simple curtain adds privacy.

Fishing friendly

There’s more to the 585R’s family amenities, but the spacious cockpit appeals for fishing. Typical Haines Hunter, the high sides have an upholstered bolster along each side, and ‘two storey’ side pockets, the lower one with a rod/gaff rack on each side. 

There’s a big livewell in the starboard side of the aft bulkhead, with a corresponding transom door to port. Between them is a very neatly executed fold-away lounge. Folded, it’s out of the way for fishing, but becomes a comfortable seat for two when unfolded. a hatch into the bulkhead itself accesses batteries and any other ‘et ceteras’ hidden away inside. At the forward end of the cockpit and set below decks between the helm and passenger seats, there’s a 180L fish box. This can be insulated (as an option) for cold storage. It’s long and slim to fit long fish—like mackerel and kingfish—and would also serve well to stow wakeboards out of the way.

At the wheel of the Haines Hunter

A boat like this is quite suited to offshore fishing, which typically involves running some distance across open water. Hence, comfort and safety at the wheel are paramount. Here too, Haines Hunter has long led the way so it’s no surprise to find a substantial grab bar around the windscreen frame. I was comfortable standing at the helm with the bucket seat slid back. It sat nicely against the back of my legs and the wheel was set high enough to avoid an awkward driving position.

Standing at the wheel, your vision around the boat’s periphery is excellent, which it needs to be for bar crossing and docking. Hydraulic steering in the test boat is an option. It’s difficult to imagine too many 585Rs—those intended for fishing at least—not being optioned with the stainless steel targa top on our test boat. This folds down for towing and has mounts for radio and GPS aerials, plus a rack holding six rigged rods out of the way, yet ready to go in seconds. the 585R’s bows, situated way forward, are easily accessed through a big hatch, which positions you to handle the ground tackle. a power anchor winch is another option, so there’s a shelf moulded inside the anchor well to mount one. The anchor itself slots into a neat stainless steel slide running along the bowsprit. It can be stowed there.

There are lots of solid stainless steel fittings on the 585r, all are marine grade 316 material. Quality standards at Haines Hunter are uncompromising these days and this extends from the things you see, such as the stainless steel fittings, to what you can’t see below decks.

Haines Hunter’s proprietary ‘Matrix’ interlocking stringer system is an industry leader backed up with a seven-year warranty on the hull structure. There are no less than 12 individually sealed buoyancy chambers. Aalternatively, the hull can be foam filled to bring it up to 2C survey standards. Our test boat hadn’t been foam filled, and yet on the water it was as tight and squeak-free as we’ve come to expect a Haines Hunter to be. The ride met these expectations, too. Few boatbuilders know to make a boat ride as well as a Haines Hunter.

Haines Hunter 585R power pack

The 585R’s hull can be fitted with twin outboards without modification—the standard transom suits either twin or single installations. Our test boat was powered by a 135hp Honda fitted by Logan river Marine and it provided a balanced delivery of both high and low speed power. From a standing or low speed start, the 585R was up and running within a few seconds.

The hull is rated to a maximum of 200hp, which would make this boat a rocketship of the first order. We were only lightly loaded for our speed trials.

Owners regularly carrying heavy loads should consider a 150hp. While 200hp would have added quite a wow factor, this boat doesn’t have to try to impress anyone. I liked it just as it came.

Boat Specifications

Boat Engine

Powered by a 135hp Honda with Solas 3-blade s/s 17in pitch propeller.

Boat Specifications

On the Gold Coast Seaway in light winds with 2 adults, the 585R returned the following results:


800 : 1.7

3000 : 6.7

3500 : 9.1

4000 : 13.4

4500 : 17.8

5000 : 27.0

5500 : 31.3

6100 : 33.2

LOA : 6m

Length : 5.85m

Beam : 2.4m

Weight : approx. 920kg

Hull deadrise : 21 degrees

BMT towing weight : approx. 1900kg

Max power : 200hp

Recommended power : 135-150hp

Fuel : 210L

Price : BMT packages from $59,500

As tested : $64,500 incl. all options