Hamilton Mentor provides youth sail program

Philanthropist and Riviera owner Peter Teakle has donated a Sydney 32 yacht to the Cruising Yacht Club of Hamilton Island in a bid to encourage young people to learn to sail.

Mr Teakle established the program in South Australia with his first yacht, Squadron Mentor, three years ago and said it was his way of giving back through mentoring young people and teaching them to sail and race a current state-of-the-art yacht.

“Some people who become successful business people go into horse racing or polo or some other interest, my interest has always been boating and this is how I can give back something to the community by giving young people an opportunity to learn to sail and race,” he said.

“What I have seen so far is that once people have been through this training program they become very effective crew for other vessels … I hope that once they finish the training program they become mentors themselves.”

Mr Teakle has also donated a Status 19, Island Mentor, to the Cruising Yacht Club of Hamilton Island which is also used as a sailing training vessel.

Through the program, young people have the chance to learn all aspects of ocean racing, including navigation, tactics and boat handling.

Cruising Yacht Club of Hamilton Island’s Commodore Keith Logan said there were more than 80 CYC members and Hamilton Island residents at the christening of Hamilton mentor.

“The program gives staff an entry level into sailboat handling on the Island Mentor, then if they wish to continue they can now step up into a competent crew course on the Hamilton Mentor, then further extend their skills in a race training course with the Hamilton Mentor in race mode,” said Mr Logan.

“Peter’s generosity gives staff and residents a fantastic opportunity to learn to sail, we are very fortunate to have Peter in our midst.”

Mr Teakle also recently donated a Sydney 32, Ocean Mentor, to the Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast and he expects all three boats will compete in this year’s Hamilton Island Race Week, held August 20-28.