Hawkesbury and Broken Bay boating alcohol campaign

Hawkesbury/ Broken Bay alcohol campaign

NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers will be out on Hawkesbury/ Broken Bay waters this weekend (March 28-29), reminding skippers to go easy on the drink.
Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi said it was important skippers are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the consumption of alcohol while boating.
“Boaters must stay under the 0.05 blood alcohol limit or face the prospect of heavy fines and possible jail sentences,” Mr Tripodi said.
“Anyone steering a vessel or exercising control over the course or direction of a vessel needs to be under 0.05 – the same as on the road.
“This includes the observer in a boat which is towing people, as well as anyone being towed.”
Mr Tripodi said NSW Maritime Safety Officers will conduct random breath testing and joint patrols with Police as part of the campaign.
“We are hoping that boaters have got the message and we don’t have a repeat of the two high-range alcohol readings recorded by skippers in the area just before Christmas.”
Studies in Australia and New Zealand show alcohol has been a factor in one third of all boating fatalities.  
“These studies show passengers who’ve had too much to drink are as much at risk as boat operators when it comes to accidents such as a boat capsizing or falling overboard,” Mr Tripodi said.  
“Drinking out on the water where there is a combination of wind, waves and the sun can also increase the effects of alcohol on your body.  
“You are more likely to get drunk quicker and become disoriented and there is a greater risk of drowning.”