Hella Australia display a range of lights at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Hella Australia                                                            

Hella Australia will display a range of lights at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show including the Australian launch of the Ponui Reading Lamp and the Sea Hawk series of LED deck lamps.

Other displays include the Waiheke LED strip lamps, and EuroLED Touch technology recess mount lamps. The Ponui LED reading lamps have power consumption of less than 0.8W per lamp yet offer the intensity of comparable 10W incandescent lamps.

Advanced Hella marine lens and optic designs provide uniform distribution of light without glare or eye strain. All Ponui series lamps provide comfortable colour temperatures in white and warm white.

The Waiheke series LED lamps are completely sealed energy saving devices suitable for applications including interior down-lighting to cockpit illumination.

Three different housing designs are available with no rim, wide rim and stainless bezel versions. The EuroLED Touch technology continues in a new generation of completely sealed recess mount LED lamps.

Touch the red pad for red light or the white pad for white light. Hold a finger on the pad for more than two seconds, and the lamp will cycle through increasing or decreasing intensity levels.

Finally, the LED Sea Hawk series offers ultra-efficient, compact and lightweight LED lamps. Power consumption is very low at less than 3W yet Sea Hawk lamps offer 240 lumens of intensive crisp, clean white light.