Honda lifts the cowl of its new BF250 outboard

Honda has revealed details of its all-new BF250 outboard engine, which is scheduled to be available in Australia from early 2012.

Entering the next power range, the BF250 combines a new 3.6L V6 EFI engine with the world’s first direct air induction system in an outboard – designed to reduce intake air temperature and increase air volume to the engine – to deliver outstanding overall performance and best-in-classfuel economy.

Beneath its distinct, angular and streamlined cowl, the BF250 incorporates exclusive Honda technologies including BLAST – advanced ignition timing control system that significantly improves hole-shot performance; ECOmo – sophisticated lean burn fuel control system, which contributes to the engine’s excellent fuel economy; and VTEC – variable valve timing technology originally developed for Formula One race cars to deliver incredible power.

The BF250 also features a new high-performance gear case, which enhances hydrodynamic efficiency. Combined with a new gear reduction ratio (2:1), the engine delivers even greater all-round performance, beyond just an increase in horsepower.

Shifting effort is further enhanced by the introduction of a new Shifting Load Reduction control system. Supporting boat users’ operating characteristics, the Engine Control Unit modifies the ignition timing resulting in reduced engine torque to lessen the shift load required for the engine to change gear.

A class-leading battery charging system also allows the BF250 to handle increasing consumer demand for additional onboard electrical power. At idle, a new Adjustable Idle Charge system automatically adjusts engine speed to raise the charging rate when an increased electrical load is detected. Under these conditions, the high-output 90amp alternator still puts out 40amps (60amps during normal running conditions).

Honda’s new BF250 is also NMEA2000 compliant, allowing engine-to-electronics data communication to deliver engine management and performance data to compatible marine electronics displays.

Combining the performance, environmental, reliability and durability characteristics for which Honda is renowned, the new BF250 is also backed by Honda’s five-year warranty.