How to choose the best boat for your requirements

Bar Crusher’s online boat buyer’s guide

Conducting an extensive search for the perfect boat is literally at your fingertips with Bar Crusher’s new, interactive website –

In addition to the standard features found on all boat manufacturers’ websites, Bar Crusher – just as in the production of its boats – has gone to the next level to differentiate itself from the pack and create a unique and functional product.

The innovative and user-friendly website is packed with information to help prospective boat buyers navigate the often overwhelming boat buying process and develop an understanding of boat design, performance and how to choose the best boat for their particular requirements.

Explaining the technologically-advanced design, inherent benefits and superior performance of Bar Crusher boats, the website offers virtual ‘onboard’ tours of various Bar Crusher models via a special function that provides a 360° view of the boat and allows users to zoom in and out on various parts of each vessel.

One area of the website that shouldn’t be missed is the comprehensive ‘customer testimonial’ section. This feature allows the many loyal and passionate Bar Crusher owners to tell the world what their Bar Crushers mean to them.

Bar Crusher’s print-ready Boat Buyer’s Guide can also be downloaded at the click of a button and used as a reference when you contact Bar Crusher direct, or taken with you when visiting your nearest dealer to organise a test ride.

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