Hunter e36 Electric debuts at the Cannes International Boat Show

Hunter Marine Corporation and Elco Motor Yachts have joined forces to introduce a revolutionary Hunter e36 that is propelled by an electric motor that provides virtually endless regenerative power. Elco chose Hunter Marine Corporation’s sailboats as a base for their project because they believe that Hunter Marine Corporation demonstrates industry leadership and advances that are critical to progressing the sailing industry in today’s market.

The sleek exterior of the Hunter e36 electric remains unchanged but the mechanics of propulsion are completely different than that of any other Hunter Yacht on the market today. The Hunter e36 electric is equipped with an Elco EP400, a 20kW AC induction electric motor that produces the same thrust as a 40hp diesel engine. This motor was coupled with a bank of 16 lithium iron manganese and phosphate batteries that have the capacity to provide enough energy to propel the Hunter e36 electric for several hours of motoring without needing a re?charge. Lithium iron manganese and phosphate batteries are the safest combination of metals in Lithium batteries available today. The Elco team brought several leaders in electrical regenerative platforms together to produce a fully integrated system that allows that Hunter e36 electric to regenerate its electrical needs while underway. The yacht is equipped with a series of solar panels and a wind generator to provide truly green charging capacities for the bank of 3 lithium iron manganese and phosphate house batteries. Additionally, while the yacht is under sail power the propeller free spins and provides a charge back to the battery banks.

Should the wind not blow, the sun not shine, Elco furnished the Hunter e36 electric with a 14kW Polar DC Marine Generator with a Volvo power plant that provides electrical regeneration back to the battery banks at 110V DC. The addition of this diesel generator coupled with a 50 gallon diesel fuel tank provides security in the fact that it can be run to re? charge the batteries in a case where it is severely overcast with no wind. The generator also allows the Hunter e36 electric to work as a hybrid as it can be run while underway to provide direct power to the Elco EP400 while also maintaining the battery systems.

Hunter Marine Corporation and Elco Motor Yachts debut the Hunter e36 electric at the Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes in Cannes, France. As part of a European PR tour the yacht will then travel Europe for a boat show circuit to include the Genoa, Paris, London, and Dusseldorf boat shows before returning to Azur Yachts in St. Raphael, France for testing opportunities in late winter 2012.
Elco Motor Yachts is based in Athens, New York, USA and has been building electric motors and electric motor yachts since 1893. Elco was the world first production electric motor and launched their first motor at the World’s Fair in 1893. Today they continue to innovate electric propulsion and electric regeneration for the yacht and boat industries.

A conventionally powered Hunter e36 is available for inspection at the Sydney By Sail Festival Pontoon in Darling Harbour.