Hyundai SeasAll Releases New Commercial 500hp Engine

Hyundai SeasAll has released an all-new, compact and fuel-efficient 500hp marine engine suitable for  commercial workboats and displacement vessels.

The newly released L500 engine is a 12.7 litre six cylinder rated for uninterrupted use at full power and has been designed with fuel efficiency as a central focus, stable performance when heavily loaded and to respond well to sudden load changes.

The robustly designed L500 unit was specifically conceived as a heavy duty engine with the ability to serve the professional and commercial market. It features an electronically-controlled fuel injection system which allows it to meet strict emission standards and to deliver heavy duty power and torque over a wide range of engine speeds.

The oil, fuel and seawater pumps are all gear driven rather than using a belt drive and the monosteel pistons are gallery cooled. Maintenance is assisted by such features as the easily accessible seawater pump and oil cartridge as well as a washable and re-useable centrifugal oil cleaner, also the  engine is fitted with an electric oil change pump.

Hyundai SeasAll Australasian distributor Allpower Marine, says that the engine is originally a crossover from Hyundai’s truck and bus division and durability has been achieved through innovations in more efficient cooling circuits as well as a corrosion-resistant design.

“The new L500 engine follows on from the recently released smaller 10 litre H380 that is 380hp. This engine has proved popular in the domestic Korean market, especially with fishing boats,” says Allpower Marine Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison.

“The L500 is delivered with a smart control panel including a self-diagnosis system. Because the engine adopts many of the truck and bus control and emission systems the engine is able to meet strict emission standards which is better for the environment than the old style diesel engines.”

Harrison says that the new technology is proving popular with customers.

“A heavy duty engine providing excellent power and torque in a wide rpm range proves Hyundai SeasAll's diesel development capabilities are world-class and out perform many of the competitors comparable models. Economy is assured by the state-of-the-art fuel management system featuring electronic unit injectors (EUI and the electronic engine control system makes it lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient in a surprisingly compact package.”

“The L500 provides excellent value-both at the time of purchase and during operation. It is economical and clean running-both attributes which will appeal to commercial users.”

First deliveries of this new engine are now available and will compliment Hyundai’s H380, 380hp engine introduced last year.

Co-inciding with the release of the new L500 engine, Allpower Marine and its dealer network will now also supply Dong-I marine Commercial gearboxes with these commercial engines. Dong-I Marine is a specialist commercial marine gearbox manufacturer and produce gearboxes suitable for many commercial applications.

Dongi Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of marine transmissions (gear boxes), hydraulic steering systems and power take-offs (PTOs).

The Dong-I gearboxes were developed in South Korea originally for use in commercial vessels. Dong-I Industrial has more than 15 years experience on the Asian market and these reliable gearboxes are proving them selves in Australasia as well as the European markets.

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Hyundai SeasAll L500 Specifications:

Engine Duty                                                      Rating Heavy Duty (S1)

Configuration                                                    4-Stroke, 4-Valve OHC, WGT with                                                                                                    Intercooler, Fresh Water Cooling

Output [PS(kW)]                                               500 (368)

Revs per min @ full load                                   1,800

Cylinders                                                            In-line 6

Displacement [cc]                                              12,736

Bore x Stroke [mm]                                           130 X 160

Compression Ratio                                             16:1

Max. Torque @ rpm                                           2275 Nm @1,200rpm

Injection System                                                 Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI)

Alternator [A]                                                     24V-80A

Electronic Engine Diagnostic                             YES

Max. Fuel Consumption [litres/hr]                     88

Dry Weight [kg]                                                 1,310