Improved Gearcase For Big Hp Mercury Verados


Mercury Marine has engineered a more robust gearcase to further enhance its six-cylinder Verado outboards and deliver even greater durability and reliability.

The new gearcase, with a 5.44 inch torpedo diameter, is 14% larger than the existing 4.8 inch gearcase, and contains a range of strengthened internal components.

It will now come as standard on the majority of six-cylinder Verado engines from 200 – 300 hp.

Hydrodynamically designed, the new gearbox features Mercury Marine’s patented low copper content XK 360 Alloy with electro-deposition painting for superior corrosion protection.  There is also a stainless steel propeller shaft, drive shaft and shift shaft, as well as a sacrificial anode.  Dual water inlets and patented low water pick up help ensure a constant flow of cooler water to the engine.

“At that larger end of the outboard market, we’ve noticed a trend with buyers opting for heavier boats in which they can go further and in bigger wave conditions,” said Nicholas Webb, Mercury’s Director of Outboard Product (Australia, New Zealand & Pacific).

“That can put more strain on the gearcase so, of course, we’ve reacted. Not only is the gearcase stronger but it will also provide additional lift which will provide significant benefit.

“The Verado is simply the world’s best FourStroke outboard and we’re going to make sure it stays right on top of the pack.”

1.85 Gearbox Ratio Now Standard Across 200-300hp Range

The new gearcase has a 1.85 gear ratio now as standard across the majority of the six-cylinder Verado range.

“Of course, in some circumstances people will prefer the current 4.8 inch gearbox. For example, people with performance or ski boats who want to maximise their top speed, and therefore the 225hp L shaft model and the new 250 Pro and 300 Pro models are available with that gearbox,” Nicholas said.

In addition, there is also a special Heavy Duty variation of the new gearcase which is designed for heavy commercial applications.

“This option really is for heavy duty work. It’s only on available with the 300 hp Verado and has the 1.75 ratio and a 1.25 inch solid propeller hub kit,” Nicholas said.

Propellers – no worries

The change does not affect propellers. The new 5.44 inch gearcase has been designed to work with all of Mercury’s existing propellers which are suitable for six-cylinder engines.

Models also utilise Mercury’s Flo Torq Propeller Hub system which helps protect gearcase components, reduce slippage and provide unmatched corrosion durability.