In Memoriam of Sharon Torrens – 18/3/55 to 10/1/11

Local Sovereign Islands resident Sharon Torrens wife of Australian marine identity Grant Torrens & loving mother of son Mitchell has passed away peacefully in the early hours on the 10th of January 2011 after 9 weeks in a coma in the intensive care unit at Allamanda Hospital.
As a Director of Australia’s Largest International Motor Yacht Brokerage, Grant Torrens International Marine, Sharon has received international acclaim from her peers.

Sharon also organized many major annual boat shows at her marina at Sovereign Islands and attended such international boat shows as the Miami and Fort Lauderdale shows in the USA, Dubai International Boat Show and Monaco Boat Show, representing her company. Her husband and business partner Grant believes she was the reason their company reached the number 1 ranking as Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht brokerage.
Sharon has held numerous water ski world records such as,
1          The World Women’s barefoot water ski speed record in Oakland California
2          4 times Australian woman’s marathon water-ski champion
3          Various Bridge to Bridge water ski race wins
4          Winner of nearly ever major water ski race on the Australian circuit in the women’s section           
Sharon also had the privilege of being entered on the Australian Justice Department “HONOR ROLL OF AUSTRALIA”  
Sharon lost her original kidney in the early 80s & has undergone 2 major kidney transplants in the last 25 years.
Her proudest moment was giving birth to her only child and son Mitchell.

Mitchell was the 1st baby born in Australia to a kidney transplant recipient as they put the new transplant in the front of her stomach which made the obvious dangers of having a baby very real, Mitchell was born very healthy and is now nearing his 21st birthday and plays an integral part as a yacht broker at Grant Torrens International Marine.

In the early days Sharon would dialyse 3 days a week at the Gold Coast’s Allamanda Private Hospital. She would still maintain a full time work load for the marina whilst on dialysis. She also maintained a high quality of life and was very proud of being involved in the kidney donor programme.
The last 10 years Sharon’s has been know for her extravagant party’s & love of being on boats and world travel, spending over 3 and half months in the French Rivera & Italian Coast earlier this year and also running her beloved yacht brokerage business.
Approximately 9 weeks ago Sharon was admitted again to hospital, her condition deteriorated and she was moved into the intensive care unit suffering acute renal failure, pneumonia, lung and stomach infection and also a heart attack.
Sharon passed away peacefully in the early hours on the 10th of January 2011, Sharon is survived by her husband Grant and son Mitchell.