Industry leaders laud Riviera as “True Prestige Brand”


“Riviera is without doubt one of Australia’s few truly prestige brands,” according to the CEO of Queensland Leaders, James Paulsen.

Mr Paulsen was speaking following a visit by 32 Queensland Leaders members to the Riviera facility on the Gold Coast last week.

He said: “Queensland Leaders was founded in 2007, representing more than 50 of Queensland’s leading organisations across a diverse range of industries and sectors. Our objective is to identify and mentor the next generation of Queensland-based international businesses.

“Like Riviera, most of our members continue to develop a wide range of strategic and personal relationships on a global basis, and the opportunity to engage with another world-leading Australian company in Riviera continues to build on this foundation.”

Mr Paulsen said the organisation helps to provide the knowledge, networks and capital for selected companies to become international players.

Riviera CEO John Anderson told the executives that his company was a major competitor in its category of the international leisure boating market.

“We compete against a wide range of well known brands in the United States and throughout Europe as well as in our home markets,” he said. “Today we rank number two in the United States in our sector of the flybridge boat market. At the recent Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida, we outsold all of our competitors“

Mr Paulsen said: “Our guests were left in amazement at the sheer size, scale and quality of the extraordinary facilities and processes Riviera has developed.  They are world-class manufacturing facilities.”