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Caring for your Inflatable Boat

Boating tips for keeping Inflatable Boats stored correctly in Winter

Review supplied by Zodiac

Winter storage tips for Zodiac® Inflatable boats

•        Wash your Zodiac with soapy water and rinse away sand and debris

•        Check the condition of the valves and the self bailer

•        Once inspected thoroughly, your boat is ready for storage

•        If you have little space, it can be folded into its carrying bags but be certain it is dry

•        If it will remain inflated, deflate the tubes a bit

•        If you leave your Zodiac on the trailer make sure it is straight and not tilted

•        If you have a Zodiac RlB with a removable tube, take off the tube, to be able to clean it, and the rigid hull, better

•        A final tip, keep rodents away (rats, mice) who might make holes in your boat

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